What we offer

Disc saws with carbide plates

Production of disc saws for multi-saw, miter, edge-cutting machines of any manufacturer. Ceratizit hard alloy, saw body 75Cr1.
Disc saws of our production reach up to 1000 mm in diameter. We will also make a tool for you according to individual parameters.



Frame and box saws

Why are saws with stellited solder better than steel?
No need to sharpen or sharpen steel saws. Uniform saw thickness, ihard wood finish, wthe cutting edge is smaller than on saws with a thin tooth. Increasing saw life by 3- 5 times. The evaluation criterion of the tool is not its the price, and the cost of the tool, which is per cubic meter of the finished product. When using the stealth tool, this indicator is reduced by half. We manufacture frame and table saws as standard and special sizes.

Milling cutters

Insert cutters with replaceable knives and sockets with hard alloy and HSS, for processing wood and other materials.
We will make almost any profile at the request of the customer. We will select the best type of alloy for a specific task.

Turning, milling and grinding works

All these operations are performed on high-precision CNC equipment.
Grinding is possible up to 1.5 m in length.
At milling machining centers, your order will be executed quickly and with maximum accuracy.



Laser cutting of metal

The accuracy of modern equipment completely eliminates errors when cutting metal sheets. We can cut the product according to your drawing or create it ourselves according to the given sample.


You can buy grouting, chopping, wood chopping knives, hard alloy and blanket knives from us. We will also manufacture perforating knives and knives for chopping/planing wood and other materials according to your parameters. The material is selected individually according to the client's needs.


Tool service and maintenance

Restoration of disc, frame, table and band saws, as well as drill bits. Sharpening of circular saws is performed on Vollmer robotic lines. Alignment of circular saws, when it would seem that the saw is no longer subject to restoration? Then come to us.

New projects and daily work

The first and most important stage in the manufacture of a wood-cutting tool is the design stage, which is where the work begins. Specialists of our company carefully select the material of the body and soldering plates according to the wishes and needs of the customer. In order for us to produce an individual product, it is enough to send a sample of the part you want to receive. Then trust us and you will get the tool you need

Sawing blocks

It is used to fix profiles of metal-plastic windows during their welding. Made of Al 7075 of increased hardness. Can be equipped with a knife for cutting the metal-plastic window seal. The parts are made on high-precision CNC machines

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